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Izocam, the front-ranking supplier of insulation in Turkey and the Middle East, has operated as a joint venture with Alghanim Industries and Saint Gobain, Isover, since 2006.

izocam logo Established in 1965 to meet the demand of the Turkish insulation market, our products are now exported to 32 different countries in the Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa and C.I.S. This international demand reflects the high quality of ─░zocam products which comply with all national and international standards.  

Izocam is committed to improving quality of life by promoting the use of insulation materials to conserve energy and protect individuals and their valuables from controllable hazards. We produce a wide variety of insulation products including glasswool, rockwool, extruded and expanded polystyrene sheets and nitril rubber insulation materials as well as sandwich panels made of corrugated sheets filled with mineral wool or polyurethane insulation, mainly used for cold storage and produced by Tekiz, which merged with ─░zocam in 2005.

Izocam holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate, ISO 14001 environmental assurance certificate and meets OHSAS 18001 worker safety guidelines in its production plants, evidence of our ongoing commitment to a safe and clean environment.